Mayan Virgin of Guadalupe of Tonantzin – Coatlaxopeuh

Recently, Hillary Clinton visited Mexico in her new role as US Secretary of State and made a comment about our Virgin of Guadalupe saying, “You have a marvelous virgin.” (LA Times Blog).

The religious icon in the Basilica of Guadalupe hipnotized her with the sun rays emerging from her body. To celebrate this occasion, we curated an image from Lord Pakal’s bedroom painted on wood. This item has been for many years with Pakal as she is her spiritual wife, and of course, part of the 2012 Prophecy, soon to be fulfilled.

The image design is a high-resolution scan and optimized in beautiful Pantone colors for high quality printing. You won’t find a better artistic print anywhere. To order the item, click the red link and it will direct you to the particular section in our Mayan Prophecy Store.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: If you don’t know how the Virgin of Guadalupe (Coatlaxopeuh, in Maya language) is related to Pakal, please read our blog article, Virgin of Guadalupe and the 2012 Prophecy, with Lord Pakal Ahau’s interpretation and revelations, but we warn you the story is PG-13. In addition, we are preparing a wonderful video clip entitled 2012 In Trutina (translated from Latin, Between Love and Chastity), about the spiritual and prophetic ceremony wedding between Lord Pakal Ahau and Guadalupe of Tonantzin, occurred in Los Angeles in October 2005. Don’t miss it!


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