2012 Mayan Palingenesis Video

We are always amazed how Lord Pakal Ahau makes these synchronicities with time. Two weeks ago, Lord Pakal directed us to produce his 2012 Final Revelation called Liquid Palingenesis in video for our You Tube Pakalian Channel. We discussed the flow of ideas for a video duration of less than 10 minutes since our slow connection uploads things very slow and takes the whole night to upload. Meantime, we received email with comments about Pakal’s revelation and we posted the most relevant one. Whew! Is Pakal’s revelation a controversial one? How did Pakal know the daily events in every month of the year is a mystery to us? The man is an oracle machine but we think we don’t want to be one! It is too much burden to know the Future!

Pakal wrote the Last Revelation in 2004 after the death of her friend Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who coincidentally passed away on August 24, 2004, two days after Pakal’s 52th birthday and completing a 52-yr cycle in the Maya calendar. You can read the original published article here. These things are full synchronicities in Pakal’s life and he knows that.

Anyway, we worked hard in the last two weeks to make this video a compelling one and you might agree that the video contains thoughts for a near future to discuss. Click the red link to go to our YouTube page.


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