2012 Liquid Palingenesis – An Interesting Visitor Comment

This comment came from Akio in regard to Lord Pakal Ahau’s 2012 Final Revelation called Liquid Palingenesis.

“This concept is not an alien one to me. However, what happens to the soul of the infant? That was not addressed once in your blog. Your soul can travel and survive outside of the physical body, carrying the power of will within it without one having to possess the bodies of infants. Your method is not only possible, it has been done and just in case you were wondering, it’s evil.

I’m not judging you and telling you what to do, but I want you to embrace the truth of your actions as you do them. Even as I eat meat, I know that it was a nice cute cow before and I am responsible for it’s death and butchering. It died so that I could eat it’s tasty flesh. I am aware of the repercussions of my actions and they were expected and are known to be neccesary to my chosen process. This is my way. I am a dragon of my own making. Do you see fully what you are doing and do you welcome it? If you cannot happily embrace your complete action, then you should never have set it into motion.

Do you realize that you are,

1- Immersing the newly dead in energeticly charged water, thereby containing (trapping), the spirit bearing soul through ritual and metaphysics?
2- Using ritual baptism, (clearing and dedicating), a newborn infant in that same water thereby utilizing a ritual of harmonic alignment to channel the soul of the dead into this infants body?
3- Was the newly dead a meditative person? Where they accustomed to going into trance states at will?

You must have mental focus and be in control of your willpower if you expect to control the path of your spirit in the aetheric realm that you enter in death. But now you constrict the souls traversal of the different lanes?

WTF dude? He’ll go insane if you don’t complete your ritual of palingenesis soon enough. Have you ever been in a sensory deprivation chamber? Excellent for meditation and even willed lane traversal while still connected to this realm. But that’s only the case for an adept of meditation. Your average bloke goes a little batty when you stick him in there, even if he asked you to do it. His mind is not prepared.

If you have select students, this should be kept as a private lesson to them. This technique of yours should not be practised by the uninitiated and trained and the ethics of it should be seriously considered before hand. It is willful possesion. If you can accept the balance for that, fine, but do not try to present it as if it’s not heavy. It weighs a ton.”

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: According to Lord Pakal Ahau, in Liquid Palingenesis, the new soul of the newborn merges with the old soul of the dead person. However, the old soul prevails and then the newborn has the benefit of being a reincarnated person.

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