2012 Bonampak – Maya Design Tee

To commemorate the second death anniversary of Lord Pakal Ahau’s mother, we have produced this fantastic design with the Bonampak murals as a theme in which the dance and music of Maya warriors announce the heir to the Throne of God. It is said that Pakal’s mother transferred her prophetic powers to our Lord and proved it when she said she would die in Resurrection Day as she prophecized years ago. She did and passed away in silence as the Great Maya Sayadina drinking for the last time the Water of Life from Pakal’s hands. No wonder Lord Pakal has incredible supernatural powers that we cannot explain logically. In the same fashion as Lady Zak Kuk, the mother of King Hanab Pakal, she came to Palenque, Chiapas, from the powerful Bonampak dynasty to produce the 2012 Mayan Prophecy.

To celebrate the anniversary, Lord Pakal Ahau made the memorial in the Temple of Bonampak in a private ceremony and he promised to his guests that her mother’s presence will remain forever in his Maya Kingdom after 2012. That is serious prophecy in action.

Our Bonampak design is available in a selection of great apparel in white, light, and dark backgrounds for women, men and kids. Click the red link to go to that particular section in our Mayan Prophecy Store. Collect this original and fantastic treasure!!


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