2012 Computer Codes Design Tee

We were wondering about the 2012 movie poster with a speck of light on the number 1. We found it a mystery until we discovered something that got our attention in our computer keyboard. If you look at your computer keyboard, the number 1 in the right panel contains the word END. Coincidence? Well, you decide about it.

However, we decided to make the design with the code keys of the standard computer keyboard. The codes are strange in our opinion. They include two down arrows for the number 2, the word INS (for INSERT) for the number 0 and the word END for the number 1. Grouping the keys we got DOWN INSERT THE END. Quite scary in our opinion.

The design is available in our Maya Prophecy Store. Available in white and dark colors for women, kids and men. Click the red link to go to that particular design section and amaze your friends with this interesting vector design.


2012 Mayan Prophecy Store
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