December 21, 2012 Maya Gatherings Around The World

We are not surprised that 2012 planning is accelerating and hotel reservations around Chichen Itza are completely booked up by 2012 fans hoping to establish history in the cosmic connection of the Universe and the return of our god Kukulkan (aka Quetzalcoatl).

At a glance we made a simple compilation for this post (we have no doubt it will grow in the years ahead) with important events and 2012 personalities:

  • Jose Arguelles plans to be at Chichen Itza on 12/21/2012
  • Maya Dreamtime 2012 Gathering, Glastonbury, UK on 03/05/2012
  • Maya Gathering in Copan, Honduras
  • Maya Cosmology at Izapa Ceremonial Center
  • The 11th Hour Convention in South Africa, 2012

We asked to Lord Pakal Ahau if he will be in one of these locations. His answer was no. He further said, “I will be with the Shoshone people protecting them, in the only place where the real event and my ascension take place”. This came as a shocker to us because we know we will be in Nevada, Death Valley,  in a secret place on 12/21/2012. Oh well, Lord Pakal knows best!

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