2012 Cool Mayan Tees That People Are Wearing

So, you want a great 2012 Mayan t-shirt for your future trip during the cosmic alignment at Chichen Itza. huh? Or may be you want to impress your friends and be the attention-grabber of the party?

Well, in the last month our popular Mayan Prophecy store has been selling these two tees made with real designs taken from our ancient drawing archives of the Order of Chilam Balam.They are unique illustrations and because we’re a Mayan authority we don’t imitate telling people, for example, that the Aztec Calendar is a Mayan Calendar as we have seen in many websites explaining our culture. For those people, we recommend they take a course in Mesoamerican history.

In our store, you can order these two tees. Both tees are influenced in the legacy that Mayas left to the Aztecs. The 2012 Apocalypto is designed with the Kukulkan warrior head, thirsty for blood rituals. The 2012 Xochitl is our chosen 2012 mascot with a flower meaning, for the End of the Great Cycle. The illustrations are vector designs in high-resolution color for better printing and available in different sizes and background colors for women, men and kids. Thanks for supporting our Mesoamerican mythology. The links to these two great t-shirts are below so you can order them and enjoy your exotic tees:

2012 Apocalypto

2012 Xochitl


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