2012 Enigma Translation – Principles of Lust

Lord Pakal Ahau is an amazing wise man and yesterday he emerged from his annual meditation and asked us to post this musical metaphor in our blog. Needless to say, we were surprised of his directive. In his note, he translated the song Principles of Lust, written originally in Latin, French and English by the popular group Enigma. The song was composed in 1991 for the musical project, Enigma, their debut album.

As I said, we were surprised because his message, usually a 2012 Mayan prophecy interpretation, include figurative statements never said before by Lord Pakal, but on the other hand, we know Lord Pakal is preparing us for something really amazing in 2012. What was also interesting is that we search in the lyrics of websites and none of them had translated the first section of the song. So, we assume that Lord Pakal’s translation is the first of this musical genre, and wow! what a message he has given to us. Well, here’s the copy of the translation made by Lord Pakal Ahau.


Latin/French Translation Made by Lord Pakal Ahau (2008)

[A : Sadeness]
Procedamus in pace
(Let’s proceed in peace)
In nomine Christi, Amen…
(In the name of Christ, Amen…)
Cum angelis et pueris, fideles inveniamur
(With angels and children, with faithful ones coming to adore)
Attollite portas, principes, vestras
(Elevate your gates and creeds)
et elevamini, portae aeternales
(And elevate the Gates of Eternity)
et introibit Rex Gloriae
(And allow to come the New Divine King)
Qius est iste Rex Glorie?
(Who is this King of Glory?)
Sade, dit moi…dit moi
(Sadness, I said…I said)
Sade, donne moi…donne moi
(Sadness, give me…give me)
Procedamus in pace
(Let’s proceed in peace)
In nomine Christi, Amen…
(In the name of Christ, Amen)
Sade dit moi qu’est ce que tu vas chercher ?
(Sadness I said, is that what you want to search?)
Le bien par le mal ?
(The good by the evil?)
La vertu par le vice ?
(The virtue by the defect?)
Sade dit moi pourquoi l’evangile du mal ?
(Sadness I said, why the Gospel of Evil?)
Quelle est ta religion ou` sont tes fide`les ?
(Which is your religion or are you with us?)
Si tu es contre Dieu, tu es contre l’homme.
(If you’re against God, you are against Mankind)
Sade dit moi pourquoi le sang pour le plaisir ?
(Sadness I said, why blood in pleasure ?)
Le plaisir sans l’amour.
(Pleasure without love)
N’y a t’il plus de sentiment dans le culte de l’homme ?
(Is there no longer any emotion in the passion of Mankind ?)
Sade es-tu diabolique ou divin ?
(In sadness, are you diabolic or divine?)
Sade, dit moi…dit moi
(Sadness, I said…I said)
(Praise God…)
Sade, donne moi…donne moi
(Sadness, give me…give me)
(Praise God…)
In nomine Christi, Amen…
(In the name of Christ, Amen…)

[B : Find Love]
The principles of lust… Are easy to understand
Do what you feel… Feel until the End
The principles of lust… Are burnt in your mind
Do what you want… Do it until you find…Love

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3 Responses to “2012 Enigma Translation – Principles of Lust”

  1. It’s not sadness. It’s SADENESS, which refers to satanist writer Marquis De Sade (sadism). The title word “Principals” should also be translated to “principalities (demons)” of Lust; because that’s who he’s addressing.

  2. Spirits incarnate, living as humans in our midst; moving openly and freely, yet undetected by the masses, or even their hosts. Like the spasms of a decapitated body, the fact of the matter, thats precisely what it is; if you really think about it. Their illusions are many, which overtake the sleepwalking masses. Now know that they do take flesh and walk among men, to mold a new species. Puppet masters, the supersession of humanity. Die young, stay pretty. Just a message for the stoke: SaintVeil

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