New Emmerich’s Movie 2012 Trailer

The 2012 movie trailer released by Sony Pictures is out in its official movie site website. You can click the link to watch it. The scenario is hard to define and we don’t know if it happens in the Himalaya Mountain within the Tibetan plateau. But in Lord Pakal Ahau’s opinion, the main natural event will not happen in that region and it will be a series of chain events connected by tectonic plates after the 2012 Venus transit.

The main theme of the movie is ‘How Would Our Governments Prepare Six Billion People For The End of the World? They Wouldn’t.’ tells us of something inevitable. The end of the trailer with the words, ‘Find Out The Truth. Google Search: 2012’ is quite an innovative idea in film making. Enjoy it!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: It is almost 2009 and we’re sure that Lord Pakal Ahau’s interpretations will be accurate in the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. His interpretations have been consistent in the last 15 years when he created the first website of the Trilogy. And we expect a rush of visitors in this blog as we approach 2012. Other websites or blogs that will become important in 2012 to name a few are:

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