Obama Wins, Lord Pakal Starts Mayan Ascension to 2012

In the article written by Lord Pakal Ahau on November 14, 2007 (almost one year ago), our Lord Pakal put a chart (notice the time chart of his diary is dated 2006) of the Book of Daniel explaining the Mayan Seven-Year Tribulation Period to the End of 2012. Again, Lord Pakal has interpreted the 2012 Prophecy as clear as water, in which he puts 2009, the year that Barack Obama is formally declared as the 44th President of United States, also as the year of the End of Sacrifice in the Palenque Temple of Inscriptions (aka Temple of Reincarnation of Our Lord Pakal Ahau).

We couldn’t reach Lord Pakal at this moment because he’s taking his annual meditation period, but we know in our hearts that the 2012 Reincarnation Prophecy is progressing like a clock second after second. Lord Pakal’s interpretation is astronomical prophetic perfection in action as his Maya ancestors expected. We leave to the reader with Lord Pakal’s diagram toward the year 2012. God bless our Lord Pakal and the new US President-elect Barack Obama.

For a discussion of Lord Pakal Ahau’s article entitled The Mayan 7-Year Period to the End of 2012, go to this link in our blog. (All we can say is WOW!)

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: In addition, we invite you to watch our prophetic video, 2012 Lillium Inter Spinas (2012 A Lily Among Thorns). A video that Lord Pakal Ahau directed us to make eight months ago with the theme of November 4th, US Election Day, and the song ‘Oh, Happy Day.’ Rejoice! God bless our Lord Pakal and the New America.


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