2012 Mayan Evangelion

2012 Mayan Evangelion is one of our most popular videos in the Pakalian Channel at YouTube. Perhaps, it is because the voice of Pakal Ahau tells us a warning in 2012 in an ancient Indian Aramaic language. A lamentation for humanity in which in Pakal’s words, he says at the beginning, “You may not survive what comes, but Coatlique will.”

Originally recorded in London in 1990 and finally published in 2006, during a service to commemorate Pakal’s father as the right descendant of the Tribe of David and as a founder of an important Masonic lodge, Lord Pakal shows his Maya Stigmata, the mystery and bleeding from his maternal spiritual wounds to celebrate his Christic prophetic reincarnation. Pakal’s instrumental voice is sharp, scary, deep, penetrating our senses from his reincarnation, and alerting us that ‘every one that is of the truth will heareth his voice in 2012’. The voice of Death and Resurrection as He promised.

To listen to this popular video, go to TheTube link. We have no doubt in this amazing video you will remember Lord Pakal’s voice inside your mind forever (if you survive 2012). Our Lord is coming soon!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Inspired by Lord Pakal Ahau’s 2012 Prophecy, you can also watch the Evangelion anime movies with the music of Japanese composer Shiro Sagisu. We recommend you buy the whole EVA collection. and in particular, The End of Evangelion, the shocking theatrical conclusion to ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion,’ one of the most unpredictable and controversial anime series of all time, in which you can listen the superb tracks, Come Sweet Death and Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring. The nice classical score serves as an excellent contrast to the end of the world theme prevalent throughout the movie (and Death and Rebirth) during the event called The Third Impact. (Original Release 1997).

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