Lord Pakal Ahau’s Mayan Quotes for 2012

Browsing the Internet, we are pleased to see that some Maya fans are beginning to use Lord Pakal’s quotes about 2012 as their signatures. In a way, we feel Pakal’s quotes will become a sort of new spiritual gospel beyond 2012.

Thinking ahead, we guess we will have to compile these quotes and other statements in a special project although we don’t know how Lord Pakal Ahau feels about it as the historical Jesus left a great deal of parables and metaphors of his prophetic life, which were incorporated years later in a book called The Bible. We think the spiritual work of Jesus was not meant to be published in edited Bibles, but it was meant to teach their disciples as Lord Pakal Ahau does with his life.

Anyway, we include the example of someone who uses Lord Pakal Ahau’s words as his/her post signature in other forums in the web. Needless to say we are grateful.

“2012 is Eternity, brother.
This is the end of the line.
No one can return.
This is forever.”

– Lord Pakal Ahau


One Response to “Lord Pakal Ahau’s Mayan Quotes for 2012”

  1. http://www.youtube.com/2012portal

    Soon we will be at the ‘end of cycles’. Danilo, our guide explains…
    It was a great trip.


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