2012: A Mayan Man Called Mexican Horse

There’s nothing coincidental in the life of our Lord Pakal Ahau. Each one of his actions or manifestations since he was born in 1952 (or rather reincarnated during the discovery of the tomb of King Hanab Pakal) has a strong message and definite direction in the people surrounding him. We were curious on why he chose the name ‘Mexican Horse’ for the second website of his 2012 Trilogy, and most important of all, at mexicanhorse.tripod.com created years ago. The website has additionally a curious subtitle, ‘The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century – A Thermonuclear-Born Human Personality Looking For Answers In The Third Dimension’.

Asking for this enigma, he referred us to a page of his website, About The Site, where he explained the following, “An authentic Mexican horse (Aztec Race) was a dream until recently and thanks to the careful genetic planning of the Association Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca is now a beautiful reality. The Aztec horse has discipline, beauty, temper, strength and speed. The history of this biological achievement also marks the 2012 Mayan prophecy of the genetic creation of Lord Pakal Ahau by Maya priests and coming of the spiritual energy of a God-King as told in the Mayan Book of Trials. (“Father, they are with me, they came with me”).”

He added, “In the new Mesoamerican mythology, the last Pakal chooses a Greek anthropomorphic symbol to complete the shrine of Mayan Gods-Kings: a horse or rather a centaur. Pakal is identified as half-man and half-horse based on the discovery of Chiron, the comet/asteroid in 1977 at the culmination of his shamanic priest studies with his Maya mentors, and becomes a witness at the end of the Great Mayan Cycle in the constellation of Saggitarius in 2012. Pakal, whose mythological father is Saturn (Hunah-Pu, Chronos or Iuracrunu), proves his rebirth and immortality after many reincarnations to the Gods of Eternity leaving the final message from the white stones to the children of humankind: the Iuracrunu Codex in the year 2012. That there will be scientists who will understand the language of Zuyua with the mathematical formulas of our universal philosophy.”

Well, that explanation was really beautiful until recently when our Lord Pakal Ahau elaborated further in his spiritual beliefs. His most current statements tell us that he is preparing us for something really amazing to witness in 2012.

From his words, ” Before my father died we went to the movies one last time as he wanted me to watch a very important film which would determine my life. The film was titled Equus but he did not tell me anything about the story. He just said, “Watch every second of the story”. The film had the most profound effect on me due to the classical mythology and elements of religion. At the end of the film, he said, “Now you know your destiny and life. Turn it into something positive and memorable for the world.”

Wow! Doing our study research, first the Equus etymology is derived from the Latin word, AEquus, “level, even, just, equal”. The word Equinox is also explained as a derivative, c.1391, from O.Fr. equinoxe, from M.L. equinoxium “equality of night (and day),” from L. æquinoctium, from æquus “equal” + nox (gen. noctis) “night.” The O.E. translation was efnniht. (Ref. Online Etymology Dictionary). Is this meaning of equinox in the complete cycle of the Precession of Equinoxes of the Great Mayan Cycle refers to what Lord Pakal Ahau has not revealed yet to anyone?

The 1977 movie Equus (notice the synchronicity with Chiron’s discovery also) was based on the play in two acts, Equus, written by British writer Peter Shaffer in 1973. Equus is without doubt one of the greatest English post-war plays. As a work of art, it is magnificent. Rarely does contemporary drama probe so deep. (The Sunday Times, 4 March 2007).

For study references on the work of Equus, we left the reader with some further readings:

Equus, The Play in Wikipedia
An interpretation of the play focusing on religious and mythological elements
Equus at the Internet Movie Database
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in Equus

In addition, we made a designed concept to honor our Lord Pakal Ahau for enlightening us with his life and the 2012 Mayan Prophecy as well as the New Mesoamerican Mythology. The design can be purchased in our central store, The 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store. Available in apparel for men and women and choice of background colors. Click the red link to go to this specific section of the store.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Lord Pakal made also an interesting comment about Hernan Cortes and Quetzalcoatl. During the Mexican landing of Cortes in 1519, the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma believed Cortes was a designated messenger of Quetzalcoatl because he saw Cortes probably riding a brown-spotted horse with features in the horse hair and tail similar to plumed serpents. Moctezuma assumed the combination horse-man, not Cortes, was the real Quetzalcoatl since the Aztecs had never seen one of the equine species, and therefore it was logical to think that Quetzalcoatl was inhabited by Cortes’s horse looking like a plumed animal. We believe Cortes gave his horse to Moctezuma to play off this belief in the initial conquest of Mexico.

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