2012 Relation Between Elvis Presley and Lord Pakal Ahau – Part I

This a two-part story in the life of Lord Pakal Ahau. First, the background of this true story. One of Americas finest examples of Streamline Modern architecture in Los Angeles, that symbolized the 1930s America, the Pan-Pacific Auditorium opened in 1935 and once stood at 7600 West Beverly Boulevard near Gilmore Field, CBS Television City, and the Farmer’s Market on Third and Fairfax. This 100,000 square foot building, was 228 feet long, could seat 6000, and was used for a controversial concert that Elvis Presley performed in October 1957. On the evening of May 24, 1989 sadly the 54 year old landmark was destroyed by fire.

This is the starting point of Lord Pakal Ahau’s true paranormal story from his diaries, in which he has given authorization to publish it in our blog as a proof of reincarnation and the power of spiritual Maya forces. Part of this article is documented in the Virgin of Guadalupe and the 2012 Prophecy, in which the section of the image of the Virgin includes the meeting of two solar characters, Pharaoh Akhenaton and King Pakal. Interesting enough, in recent times Presley has been considered also a solar Egyptian reincarnation (e.g. King Tut, the son of Akhenaton), as Lord Pakal Ahau is regarded as the right reincarnation of King K’inich Hanab Pakal of Palenque.

Bear also in mind that Elvis Presley is one of the most frequently sighted man in USA even after years of official pronouncement of his death and this is precisely what you are about to read and we do not have reservations in this belief and publishing the story, knowing the amazing personality of our Lord Pakal and his paranormal life. I, in my personal opinion, have seen how Lord Pakal manifests these events, sometimes in public life in front of our eyes, such as the great stories of the White Owl in a New Year’s Eve and his spiritual wedding to the Virgin of Guadalupe of Tonantzin. I think the man is remarkable in his manifestations spiritually as well as beautifully.

Anyway, returning to our main story. Translated from Pakal’s diaries in Spanish. July 4, 1989. After the Pan Pacific Auditorium Fire. 11:00 am. “While living in Hollywood, near Melrose Avenue, I took a short walk to Beverly Blvd near Fairfax Avenue. and discovered the burned ruins of the Pan Pacific Auditorium. It was a shame to see such a beautiful building destroyed by fire. Suddenly, I felt an immense urge to visit the building inside as someone was calling me in anguish. I walked around the fenced perimeter and met a Hispanic watchguard, who I asked him if someone was living inside the building. He said, “No, the building is empty.” I asked him what was going to happen to the building. He said, “The building is going to be demolished tomorrow by the City”. Then, I asked again, “Do you mind if I take some pictures of the building. I think they are very important for me.” He said, “Well, I give you permission because you spoke to me in Spanish and seem like a good man, but my orders are not to allow anyone inside the building. So be careful, my brother.”

I told the guard I was going to buy a portable Kodak camera and to wait half-hour for me. He said it was ok. He asked me, “What’s your name?” I replied, “Pakal”. He smiled and made a comment, “Hmmm, like King Pakal of Palenque, right?”. I said, “Yes, like King Pakal”. He gave me another smile and said, “I’m from Mexico and I have visited his tomb”. I smiled and said, “Yes, it’s a great beautiful tomb”. He said again, “Take all the time you need but be very careful and safe.” I told him, “Yes, I will”.

After returning in a hurry, I started taking photos of the front of the building when suddenly I heard again the same moaning voice in pain. I entered the building through the main portal to discover a magnificent place as I imagined how it would be when the place was open to the public. A great piece of architecture. Now inside, I took some pictures of some rooms, when unexpectedly, I heard for the third time the same male voice calling my name from one of the rooms. “Please come Pakal, please Pakal.”

Knowing what the guard told me, I thought it was a homeless person but I couldn’t understand how he knew my name. The room where the voice came from was across the other side of the building and I shouted, “I’m coming, who are you?” There was no answer.

I finally reached the room and asked again at the door the same question before entering. This time, he said, “Please come Pakal, please.” Inside the room, there was a middle-aged grayed hair man, no more than 60, sitting down in an old crumbling chair with his head down and dressed in a white jumpsuit. I took a closer look to discover his jumpsuit was decorated in the front side with the Aztec Sundial, full of rhinestones.

I walked few steps toward him and I realized I was in front of a paranormal phenomena, the second apparition in my life since I was a child when King Pakal appeared to me.

I asked him, “Who are you and why did you appear to me?”

He said, “My grandmother calls me Aaron and she is still alive, but others call me Elvis”.

I replied, “Elvis? You look like Elvis Presley with this jumpsuit! Are you rehearsing here?”

He said, “No, I’m Elvis Presley. And I’m waiting for my reincarnation time too as you were for many years. I know you were a King in another time.”

I said, “So, you know my life story, don’t you?”

He said, “Yes, I know about your life and the Mexican Prophecy.”

I said, ” Is that why you’re dressed with an Aztec Sundial jumpsuit? You’re not Mexican as far as I know.”

He said, “Yes, it’s part of my salvation after the Aztec Calendar ends. I knew the Prophecy and the prophecy made me too. You’re the one chosen by the Prophecy to reincarnate many souls in your lifetime and I want to be one of them. That’s why I’m dressed like this and appeared to you in this form. I wore this shirt many times at the end of my life hoping you would find me or contact me while I was alive.”

I said, “I came to America in 1979.”

He replied, “I know. My struggling death was two years before your first birthday in America. You were…”

I interrupted him, “I was 27. I didn’t know about your death”.

He continued, “It was too late, I even went to Mexico many times and spent a lot of money looking for you but the shamans were silent. They didn’t trust me. You were too protected by the Indian priests. You’re indeed a great spiritual man as I was told”.

Part II has been completed here finally. You’ll never be the same after this amazing true paranormal and thought-provoking story. We promise that!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Notice from the graffitti picture, on one of the outside walls of the Auditorium, under Clever the fact that our Lord Pakal Ahau photographed that day the legend, “The King Lives On…” to document intentionally this eerie story in his diaries. Until now, Lord Pakal never told or revealed this story and images to anyone for almost 20 years.

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  1. wen will part two be up? intriguing

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