Celebrate Cinco De Mayo, Dude!

So, you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, huh? Here’s our concept design. Bold, visible, colorful with all the pizzazz you can get in a t-shirt to party in big with friends and family, whether you’re in Cancun, Los Angeles or New York. Oh! What is Cinco de Mayo and why we celebrate this holiday around the world?

First, the history lesson. On May 5, 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza and a ragtag militia of farmers and Zapotec Indians defeated 6,000 well-equipped French forces in the Battle of Puebla in southern Mexico. The victory stalled a French plan to occupy Mexico and boosted the morale of a debt-ridden country struggling with internal conflicts. The triumph was short-lived, however, when the French returned a year later and put Maximilian I in power as emperor. The French eventually were routed in 1867.

The battle over Puebla became known as Cinco de Mayo, and in Mexico, is mostly a regional holiday. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a much bigger affair, a chance to hold diversity festivals celebrating the Mexican culture through toe-tapping mariachi music, spicy foods and maybe a margarita. (Ref. San Diego Union Tribune News).

You can purchase our design in our central store, The 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store, in apparel for men and women and different choice of background colors. Click the red link to go to that specific section. Check for hundreds of events in newspapers and online. Enjoy El Cinco de Mayo!

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: On May 5, 2008, statistically, Google registered 3,260,000 entries in Cinco de Mayo and Yahoo! 48,300,000 hits. This morning, Google did not acknowledge an art logo of Cinco de Mayo in the front home page (we consider it a shame to our American diversity), but Yahoo did! Thanks Yahoo! for your cultural appreciation. The US White House issued a presidential message for Cinco de Mayo, 2008. The moral of this day is:

“If you want to be an eagle. Fly!
If you choose to be a worm, Crawl!
But don’t scream when someone
steps on you. (Emiliano Zapata).”

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