New Mayan Film: “2012, The Prophecy of the Serpent”

(English Translation from the Mexican Newspaper El Financiero en Linea)

Mérida, March 20, 2008.- Yucatecan archaeoastronomer, Alberto Haggar, declared that his work entitled “2012, The Prophecy of the Serpent” will be taken to the screen and will have the commitment of the Australian actor Russell Crowe and the Italian actress Monica Belucci.

Interviewed in a government building, the writer explained that in next September, the film will begin in locations of the State as well as the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá and the historical center of the Yucatec capitol.

Asking for the support of local authorities and facilities for the production, he indicated that the film will have an estimated budget of 62 millions of dollars, and one part will remain in the State.

He added that “2012, The Prophecy of the Serpent” has its main focus in the Yucatán Peninsula and the story evolves around the Maya legacy for the world in the year 2012.

That year is identified as the end of times for the human race, from which our population should decide to take the challenge of rising its spirituality or become extinct as a race.

In addition, he announced a second film, also written with his own screenplay, which could begin this year, and it is based in the hidden messages of the cloak of the Virgin Mary that announces the second coming of Christ. (With information from Notimex/GCE).

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: This project seems like a real documented movie about 2012 as opposed to Emmerich’s 2012 disaster movie with no historical documentation script. Emmerich missed a huge opportunity of filming in Mexico or Central America around incredible and fantastic Mesoamerican locations. We are looking forward to watching The Prophecy of the Serpent as the director, Mr. Haggar, is a good conference expert in the Sacred Codes of Hunab-Ku and his work will probably include the Maya mathematical writing and Quetzalcoatl symbolism. These facts and the presence of actor Russell Crowe make the film a real winner.

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