The 2012 Mayan Fatidic Glyph

To understand this section, you would probably like to read Lord Pakal Ahau’s article entitled King Pakal Sarcophagus’ Hidden Secrets (2002), in his website which he explains the amazing riddle left by King Hanab Pakal and his Maya priests. In there, you can appreciate the Stone Lid constructed as a rectangular Stone Clock with 20 sections framing the main diagram, where King Pakal is descending to Xibalba to later resurrects through the Milky Way known as the Tree of Life. This fact is also validated by the time inscriptions of the 96 glyphs panel of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque.

In 2002, Lord Pakal Ahau made an interesting observation that seems to correlate well with the 20 sections of the sky band of the Lid and he said that King Pakal predicted the future events from 1952 to 2012 with extreme accuracy beyond our imagination. Each one of the 20 sections has a duration of 3 years, starting from the discovery of his own tomb in July 1952 (and also with the reincarnation birth of our Lord Pakal Ahau in August 1952 at the end of the Regulus star astronomical cycle) ending with a final glyph that corresponds to the period 2009-2012 at the End of the 13th Bak’tun of the Mayan Calendar cycle. For a further explanation of the 3-yr time span, see the article written by Philip C. Steffey, The Venus Calendar and Related Lore of the Dogon and Dresden Codex Venus Table and Synodic Periods.

Lord Pakal Ahau elaborated further saying that each one of the 20 glyphic sections predicts a series of remarkable events in the whole world related to the extinction of humanity as we know it and its progressive evolution. And he has been correct in the interpretation that King Pakal left as a riddle. The 20 sections of the sky band serve also as time markers with astronomical accuracy toward the 2012 Cosmic Alignment, also discovered in the Palenque Stone Lid by Lord Pakal Ahau later in this article, From Cumku to Kankin: 2012 Alignment

The last glyph (2009-2012) is of concern because of the Maya mathematical astronomical action and the reason why Lord Pakal Ahau has called it the 2012 Fatidic Glyph (Sorry! It is not a happy face glyph). At this moment, unfortunately Lord Pakal Ahau will not reveal the meaning of the Fatidic Glyph and we will have to wait until 2009 or 2012 to know what he thinks as we respect his decision as the Director of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees and the Pakalian Group of Mexico.

Nonetheless, we have made a graphical diagram for your own research and knowledge with a comparison of the 2012 Fatidic Glyph to another glyph found in Palenque also. The reference glyph is one of the six houses of Xibalba known as Ak’ab-Na with similar characteristics of the Fatidic Glyph found in King Pakal’s Sarcophagus. You can study the image below for further research. In closing we left the section repeating the words of our Lord Pakal Ahau, “It’s our Xibalba Promise for 2012.”

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: For further information, you can also read Lord Pakal Ahau’s mathematical research in the metric dimensions of King Pakal’s Funerary Chamber (published in August 2002) with the symbolism of Maya numbers, and how the Maya priests-astronomers designed the tomb for his Sacred God-King known as K’inich Hanab Pakal of Palenque.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: At this moment, the glyph correlation for the period that goes  from the completion of 2009 to the end of 2012 stands very well in Lord Pakal Ahau’s prediction, and definitely we can call it a Fatidic Glyph. For the end of 2009, a catastrophic event (Jan. 12, 2010) happened in Haiti, when a powerful earthquake 7.0 Mw hit the island, the strongest in 200 years. Lord Pakal’s prediction will culminate at the end of 2012, after the Transit of Venus takes place also in 2012. What’s next?

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