2012 Mayan Typography

As good graphic designers specialized in Mayan art and epigraphy, we have designed a special True Type Font for the year 2012 called New Puuc influenced by the amazing Puuc Mayan architecture of the hilly region of northwestern Yucatan (Uxmal, Labna, Edzna and Kabah). The Maya font has similar characteristics of a mosaic with yuxtaposition of geometric elements and it is a reminiscent style of the basic structure of Maya glyphs, which leads to the transliteration of syllables in our spoken Spanish language (e.g. pa-ka-la). More can be said about the Gestalt perception, which also was studied in the original syllabus of the Weimar Bauhaus School (1923), founded by Johannes Itten. If you want to study typography formally, we recommend you read the 1963 publication entitled Mein Vorkurs am Bauhaus. Gestaltungs – und Formenlehre ( My Foundation Course at the Bauhaus, Design and Form) written by Johannes Itten.

You can appreciate the final product in the image below and you can purchase this design in our already popular central store, The 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store. To go to that section, click the red link to direct you to that page. (Blog article published in Typography Digest, April 22, 2008).

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