What To Expect Until 2012 According to Lord Pakal Ahau

As a Maya astronomer-priest our Lord Pakal Ahau has released the following astronomical timeline until 2012. In another article of the blog, we explained why Lord Pakal has chosen Chiron as his most important reincarnation star. Bear in mind, that although the astronomical events that are connected with Lord Pakal Ahau are real events, only He knows what will happen in connection with his Life, his Path, and the Mayan Prophecy 2012. He will not elaborate and he will only disclose further ideas if it is necessary for general benefit or explain it to the Pakalian Group of Mexico as we understand his decision. For now, we are delighted he has disclosed these galactic stepstones that undoubtedly will effect not only Pakal’s destiny but also the consciousness path of every living human on Earth until 2012 and beyond.

From 2008 to 2012

Starting around 2008, Chiron starts to make contact (conjunction) with Neptune. This is only the second conjunction with a ‘spiritual’ outer planer since Chiron’s discovery and chosen by Lord Pakal Ahau to represent his Life on Earth as explained in the second website, The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century. This is a time for reaping the Supreme Love that orders universes. It will be a time to examine the realities we have created and test whether or not they are centred on love, truth and compassion.

This process continues until around 2012 when gradually Chiron ´pulls away´. How amazing that, during the time of this conjunction, Chiron and Neptune span Pisces and Aquarius, a vital step into the Aquarian Age. A long period of time, a lot of processing, a lot of seeing through the Mayan illusions we have built around us ~ to find our golden hearts. There are 4 total Solar Eclipses during the period that Chiron is conjunct Neptune, here are the dates. These sky events are very important for Lord Pakal Ahau because they mean important decisions that He will make to contribute toward the completion of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012. Examine your life around these events and ask yourself what has changed in your life or destiny. They are universal events in universal time.


This eclipse goes around the circle of the North Pole starting in Northern Canada and ending in China close to Xian and the Chinese Pyramids. Chiron, Moon´s North Node and Neptune imprint into Hawaii. This is a very important eclipse.


Starts just before Delhi in India and goes across China and ending just short of the Society Islands in the Pacific Ocean. As with the last eclipse Chiron and Neptune are on the other side of the world to the total solar eclipse i.e. in darkness. The vortex of the eclipse is pulling them, along with the stellar energy of the first stars of Aquarius, up through the Earth ~ up through our subconscious.


In the midst of Chiron´s contact with Neptune, Jupiter joins in the fun adding its expansive energy making absolutely sure we do not forget what is going on. This is one eclipse that imprints the three of them into our world. This is the longest Annular Eclipse between the years of 2001 and 3000. Starts in West Africa and goes all the way to below Beijing in China.


This Total Solar Eclipse runs from just below the Society Islands across the Pacific Ocean to end at the Southern tip of South America in Argentina. Jupiter and Uranus are also conjunct for this eclipse and makes an interesting combination, don´t you think anything could happen! Again Chiron and Neptune are on the other side of the world to the eclipse.


This eclipse occurs over the Pacific Ocean, starting close to Darwin in Northern Australia and ends in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile. This eclipse underlines the importance the year 2012 for this is the first total solar eclipse for a long time where at the moment of the maximum eclipse the Sun/Moon and Moon´s North Node meridian are exactly over Hawaii. Chiron/Neptune are still in conjunction and imprint into the Americas, just at the place where day turns to night. One of the gifts of this eclipse is that Chiron/ Neptune are part of a water grand trine with Saturn and Ceres (Phaethon) holding the other two corners of the triangle.

13TH NOV 2012 22.11UT S. PACIFIC 39S59 161W10.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: This article is a reprint of the original article written by Lord Pakal Ahau in his Trilogy website in 2005. Unfortunately, astrological websites copy/paste the information and modify Lord Pakal’s writings  to tell you half the Truth. Just a clarification for future references. Thanks.

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