2012: Drink Prophecy T-Shirt

This is probably the tee you have been waiting for 2012 so you can be like us visionaries of a new world. Yes, we promise your friends will ask you what is in the soft drink called Prophecy ™. Don’t worry. You tell them to go and buy our product and find out for themselves. If their IQ is lower than 120 maybe their brains could not handle the neuronal shock with Prophecy ™. It is the New Mayan World Soft Drink and Water brand of the Future created by the ultra intelligent Pakalian Group of Mexico.
You can purchase our tee, available for men and women in the following section of our new central store. Click the red link to order it. Business investors are welcome for manufacturing of new product at soft drink corporations around the world.
Drink Prophecy Mayan Tee

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