2012 Humor or Real Mars Fact?

On January 23, 2008, British newspapers went crazy Wednesday morning about an image from Mars that appears to show a humanoid figure descending a shallow hillside.

The “alien” is actually a blurry detail in a huge panoramic photograph snapped on the edge of Mars’ Gusev crater by NASA’s Spirit rover in early November, and posted on NASA’s Web site on Jan. 2.

“NASA scientists have been puzzled by the peculiarly life-like image,” declared the Times of London, despite the apparent fact that no one from NASA has had any comment.

We asked Lord Pakal Ahau about the implications of alien life as an educated scientist to get his comments. He said, “if you remember our Mayan Anthropic Principle, no living system in the Universe is isolated permanently. Eventually, life will find life.”

His commentary is very relevant because of our Maya history and the opportunistic invasion of Spanish invaders in our land hundreds of years ago. Premature conjectures we can make then,

  • The below image, in which we find a sort of humanoid figure, is part of our Gestalt perception, and of course, it is a tiny little rock.
  • Extraterrestrial forces don’t need to invade Earth, but a near planet or our moon and set their bases near our planet to monitor human activities in space.
  • Knowing we’re exploring for resources in the future trying to find a habitable planet such as Mars, after Earth, it is logical to assume alien forces could devise a more advanced plan to control our habitability in the future, and set in Mars before we have a chance to populate, for example.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Today, few hours later after this post, CNN Space Technology section included our blog in blogs talking about this topic in the same page of the article, Cassini testing for water on one of Saturn’s moons. Needless to say, we’re impressed. Thanks, CNN!

NASA Photo 2008
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