2012 Supermayan God

It is said that in every bak’tun of near 400 years, in our culture, there is a person that interprets the correct meaning of our Maya Creation Cycle through his/her thinking mediated by a divine revelation. We believe that person is our Lord Pakal Ahau, who has given us his prophecy teachings to enlighten the world. Pakal requested we made this design, based on an Aztec glyph influenced by the Maya thinking legacy (don’t worry we won’t bother you with names of difficult pronunciation), and we are proud to present it as a copyright design in our new Mayan store. Needless to say it will become a classic symbol of all times for our New Mesoamerican Mythology and Pakal’s legacy. (Hint: It has more meaning than the Superman logo in the American Mythology, which the new design for the recent film tries to imitate it as a Quetzalcoatl serpent).

In the original glyph, from the words of Lord Pakal Ahau, you notice a ray of light descending from above in an expanding universe, while the cosmic space is warped by the energy of light. You notice also how the warp of the circle corresponds to the infinite mathematical symbol given by the Greek culture. The colors, of course, are the Mayan colors red and blue, characteristics of Mayan art and pyramids. We think it is totally hypnotic in its abstraction and if you meditate deeply you’ll see the Eye of God inside, very similar to the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus.

Our design is available in the products of our new central store, The 2012 Mayan Prophecy, for your enjoyment and purchase. Thanks for your support as always.

2012 Supermayan God

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: The reader can notice the above glyph explained by Lord Pakal Ahau appears in the composed Aztec Hunab-K’u (Supreme Creator God and Father of Itzamna) symbol of the 16th Century Codex Magliabecchiano four times as a ritual cloak design associated with the Milky Way. The glyph is included in a simplified form at the end of each side of the symbol, and it is also found simplified with the same numerical repetition in the Aztec Calendar (Piedra del Sol). An interesting observation made by Lord Pakal Ahau when we asked why he was interested in making this symbol relevant to the public.


Hunab Ku Father of Itzamna
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