Bolon Yok’te K’u: 2012 Solar System

From his early learnings at the Sacred Calmecac House of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Lord Pakal Ahau learned the divine mythology of many Maya and Aztec deities, among them the interesting character named God Bolon Yok’te K’u. Pakal explains that this Maya God represents the whole solar system with the nine planets orbiting our Sun. This is an original explanation that has not been described before by contemporary scholars, however our Lord Pakal explains, “In the unusual Revelation Prophecy of 2012 written by Chilam Balam of Tizimin, it says clearly that the Nine (Bolon Yok’te K’u) Gods shall arise in sorrow, alas… and I believe we are expecting a systematic reorganization of the Solar System as a whole”.

Pakal’s explanation makes a lot of sense, in spite of anthropocentric 2012 theories which are only focusing in our planet Earth. In addition, the Tortuguero Monument 6 Prophecy reveals a descend of the Nine Support Gods (currently our interpretation of the nine celestial objects included in our solar system), which will be influenced by the driving force of the Sun. We think the Maya calendar adjusts every 13 Bak’tuns to a greater degree and that would be the main reason Mayas could not calculate past the final point of with proper precision. The calculations needed a longer period of astronomical observations to elaborate a new calendar after 2012 with new predictable adjustments, as in modern day scientists try to resolve the same enigma of our solar system reorganization in space. We leave the reader with the image below in which Mayas described graphically Bolon Yok’te K’u instructing the other Gods in their sidereal functions. You can notice the main God Bolon to the right and the rigid hierarchy of the other Gods. (Photo by Justin Kerr).

Maya God Bolon Yokte Ku

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2 Responses to “Bolon Yok’te K’u: 2012 Solar System”

  1. Definetely,I believe that Bolon Yokte Ku is the ( ringed/starred) Jar/Pot on the Mendoza Codex,as the double centre of our Galaxy,where our Creator is also Potter in Aquarian Age,the Head of Anno Magnus,who will remake our world on his Potter’s Wheel (from the clay,brief age)…It is also associated with the Potter/Creator in Jeremiah,chapters 18 and 19,plus with the Potter’s Field where ended the 30 silver for Christ(Sun/Son)betrayal…The Great Sphinx(Neb or Nab) has an Aquarian(Man)Head and Leo’s body,West-East…Bolon Yokte Ku can be associated with the biblical Yoktan ,when God descended to destroy the Babylonian Tower and divided the world…Hunab Ku is the male god/Creator of the Maya,and Bolon Yokte Ku is the female part of the Creator in Procreative Union of 69,as the biblical plural,Elohim and Jing&Jang…We know that Creator is antromorphic and male/female,also from Iao and Havah as IHVH…Just as the Well of Seven and Well of Nine,or even goddess Ixchel-of 9 heads,beside Bolonchen…The female stargate,our Black Hole(cosmic vagina)known as CygnusX1=Swan…Black Hole,leading into the cosmic WOMB,the double Centre of our Galaxy…Belt of Orion is the male stargate,the cosmic phallus,Min and Tav,the usual dual symbol of our potent Sun(T-tav) and Belt of Orion in a shape of T-tav with its double nebulae known as Trapezium/Testicles… But Bolon Yokte Ku may have also a dual meaning,which includes our 9 planets of solar system,where our Sun aligns currently with the Black Hole,the Maya Ballgame…Then,the players of our Earth are sacrified,once the Sun(ball)passes across the Ring(Black Hole)…The Sun is also ‘crucified and reborn/resurrected’…See the Trinity Galactic alignment of our time,2012-2019…

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