The Mayan Store That Started The Unfathomable 2012

In 1999, Lord Pakal Ahau joined an unknown Yahoo! group named 2012 Theories owned by Geoff Stray, in which Pakal was announcing his 2012 vision, destiny and ideas. The 2012 Theories group became the first repository forum of all 2012 experts for many years as well as Dire Gnosis 2012 in which Mr. Stray kindly included Lord Pakal’s website with his complementary CafePress small store online announcing his designs as part of the 2012 Mayan Prophecy. We thank Mr. Stray for his grateful support and we strongly recommend his research books about 2012. They are gems for all times.

Today, The Official Lord Pakal’s Mayan Store is a very wide and recognized store in the world of our Maya culture and in Mexico, thanks to Pakal’s vision. Many other stores online have followed this example, but it has never been imitated because of our Maya expertise. Nevertheless, it has been a long journey.

You are cordially invited to visit us and become one of our special customers. Thank you for your continued business. We look forward to serving you with more designs in the near future. To visit our store, click the link to The Official Lord Pakal’s Mayan Store.

The Official Lord Pakal’s Mayan Store

We also have a short video, in some way historical with great music, in YouTube with the original Mayan designs that have remained popular for almost nine years.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Recently, we moved most of our designs to a new central store called The 2012 Mayan Prophecy Store to offer a more diverse choice of products. New designs will be added to the new store and based on our 2012 research themes. All designs have high-quality vector imaging and tested with our CMYK Precision Color Management System for commercial full-color printing in t-shirts and other products. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us. We are real Maya experts and we are confident that you, your friends and family will enjoy owning one of our products as the 2012 awareness grows in media and film. For more information, click the red link to visit the store. Thanks for your continuing support. A WINAKENA.

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