2012 Stone Time: The Movie

Big news! We have been approached again by a Hollywood movie production studio to throw some good ideas about a real 2012 movie and work with the screenplay writers because of our Mayan expertise and credibility.

One month ago, we rejected the idea to help the producers of Survivor because the deal was fuzzy with no financial benefit. As you may know, Hollywood director Mel Gibson and Apocalypto started the countdown of these exotic big-budget Maya productions followed by director Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, which we believe it has been the best treatment we have seen of a Maya cultural context surrounded by a modern philosophical story. In summary, put a Maya pyramid in the poster or in the background of the film to attract people’s curiosity and sell it to the studios. Hollywood magic recipe…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

Although we’re not allowed to discuss more in the blog publicly, we include our designed movie poster of 2012 Stone Time that was made years ago in our website, in 2000. An idea brought by Lord Pakal Ahau’s vision eight years ago. At any rate, we wonder what our small influence and persistence have been recognized by the mainstream media. At this moment, it is a huge rolling snowball in the name of our Mayan gods. The subtitles explain it all:

The Galactic Event You Have Been Wishing For
His Ancient Kingdom Was Magic
His Dream Created A Time Lock in 2012

2012 Pakal Movie Poster

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: And the winner of the bid is Sony Entertainment Pictures. You can read more here. Congrats, Mr. Emmerich!

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