The Maya-Celtic Lineage of Lord Pakal Ahau

Lord Pakal Ahau is very fond of his Mayan-Celtic roots as he keeps a great tradition celebrating his maternal and paternal heritage. As you may know, St. Patrick’s day is on March 17th and the Pakalian Group of Mexico observes that day from the holy teachings of our Lord Pakal Ahau.

A brief history of Lord Pakal Ahau’s father comes from the Celtic Order of Culdees and the origin of the term Culdee kept in the genealogical archives of the Mayan priests of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees.

The original exact meaning of the Gaelic term Culdee is not known. Such translations as ‘Friends of God’, ‘Servants of God’ and ‘Worshippers of God’ are commonly ascribed to the term Culdee in identifying a Celtic reformation movement in the 8th-14th centuries in Britain. Professor John Colgan, celebrated hagiologist and topographer, translates another form of the term, Culdrich (quidam advanae’), as certain strangers in identifying a group of Christian refugees who immigrated to Ireland from the East. His research suggested they were Jewish disciples that came from Jerusalem in AD 37. [1b]
The origin of the word CELT is from the Milesian numerology system for Hebrew, which we usually term Ath-Bash. In this the alphabet is divided into two halves (“Beauty & Bands”) and a letter substitution is effected. ( “Alpha for Omega” kind-of-a-thing) The four end-letters of the arrangement clearly “say”….K’LT! Culdee, which is identical in Chaldean, simply means CELT and is best thought of as sort of “traveling name”, as one might use on a religious pilgrimage. Because of it’s general adoption by Arabic speakers during the time of the Aramaic language in Syria, KHALID is “Friend of God” a nickname of Abraham who traveled from the UR of the Chaldeas. [1c]
The above interpretation is suspect. However, it may not be totally off track. By considering a transliteration of similar words from Chaldean to those used by the Celts, here appears to emerge a common origin. Using Strong’s Chaldean-Hebrew to English lexicon, we find the following Chaldean terms that suggest a Culdee common origin.
kaw-doshe (6918 from 6942): sacrad, God, an angel, saint, holy one, sanctuary;
kaw-dash (6942): clean, consecrate, holy, keep;
keh-desh (6943): santuary;
kaw-deem (6921): the front, to/from the [Holy] East;
kaw-deesh (6922): Holy Saint
With the ‘w’ and the ‘l’ being of similar articulated sound, the emerging meaning could read, kal-dee. Translated into English: ‘Holy Saint(s) from the East’. To be a saint, one must be a friend of God, a servant of God and a worshipper of God. A reason why Lord Pakal Ahau says also A Winakena, I’m Your Servant. This interpretation is also in keeping with the tradition that Joseph of Arimathea and 12 companions were the founders of the Celtic Church in Britain and these Jewish missionaries were called the Culdee by local Celts. [1d]
The Order of the Culdee is noted as being first active in the Celtic Church of Wales, then Ireland and later Scotland including Iona. According to Jamison, as quoted by Elder, there is a general tradition in the Highlands of Scotland that the name Culdee was given to the first Christians of Britain and they succeeded the Druids as the tribal ministers of religion. [2]
There is a rich history in the blood lineage of Lord Pakal Ahau, including the writings of Oengus The Culdee (circa 8th Century) and the famous St. David’s prophecy from his Celtic father family [3], that the Celtic Church will rise again. We promise it is all history in the making, in the life of our Lord Pakal Ahau, the holy solar child created by the secret wisdom and devotion of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam to fulfill the 2012 Maya Prophecy.
The Ancient Maya Celtic Lineage of Lord Pakal Ahau

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: At the time of Princess Diana of Wales’ death in Paris, Lord Pakal Ahau had a disturbing nocturnal vision in which he declared in alt.gossip.royalty that Princess Diana had died inside a tunnel, two hours before the news were released. Consequently, Pakal published the St. David’s family prophecy for the first time in the mentioned newsgroup and subsequently the Four Revelations during that week with symbolic codes. Mr. Charles Cameron, an Associate of the Center for Millennial Studies and educated in Theology at Oxford, compiled Lord Pakal’s revelations in a dissertation paper entitled, She Became An Icon, in 1997. The paper dedicated a unique section to Lord Pakal’s prophecy as Pakal entitled the prediction, The Prophecy of Prophecies. Under strange circumstances, the editors of Yahoo! News published in their special memorial section, Lord Pakal’s family prophecy and the link to his original website, Maya Contact, served by Earthlink. The site received more than one million visits during the first day and it was considered a net meltdown because Earthlink server was not prepared for that amount of traffic. We assume that Lord Pakal’s Maya-Celtic roots will play an important role in 2012, however, he has not explained in detail what will happen.


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