2012 Mayan Indicator: Turtle swims from Indonesia to Oregon

After reading this interesting article published in Yahoo! on February 7, 2008, we asked Lord Pakal Ahau the meaning of this single biological event as a 2012 indicator of things to come.

He said, “I think the world can expect the migration of many marine species, in particular endangered species, to safer places before and after 2012. We must remember that before the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami in 2004, most animals had the basic instinct to travel further inland and survived the catastrophe. None of them died during the disaster according to the world news. Our Maya instinct is telling us the same, just as our ancestors abandoned sadly their precious towns hundreds of years ago, but unfortunately we don’t have the same choice in 2012.”

For reference, we include the short article from Yahoo! so you can make your own conclusions how our scientists report their independent research.

BANGKOK, Thailand – A leatherback turtle has been tracked swimming from the coast of the Papua province to Oregon, researchers said, in what may be the longest trip for marine vertebrae between breeding and feeding sites.

This is an animal perfectly suited for doing this kind of journey,” said Scott Benson, for the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, who helped track the turtle and presented details of the journey at a sea turtle symposium last month.

The longest distance of nine turtles tagged in 2003, Benson said, was the leatherback that reached Oregon and then headed to Hawaii before the battery on the satellite transmitter gave out. The 12,774-mile journey took 647 days, he said.

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