2012: The Greatest Mayan Gift of All

One of the greatest ironies of the discovery of the New World lies in the arrival of those white Europeans, who came to our Mesoamerica to bring enlightenment, technology progress and salvation to our indigenous population. These conquistadores never knew that in some remote jungle a culture known as the Mayas and Olmecs had developed the knowledge of an accurate calendar buried with a clock telling story indicating a vision of cycles and the most important one, the Precessional Cycle of approximately 26,000 years.
This is perhaps the greatest gift the Maya culture has given to our world showing the Zero Point to the Precessional Cycle of a blue planet called Earth. Through the December 21, 2012 date in their calendar and calculations alignment of their pyramids, our Maya ancestors showed the importance of the Galactic Equator plane and it’s relevance to the Precessional Cycle, therefore giving us the ability to discover the exact time in our solar system acting as a planetary clock.
However, this permanent gift, inscribed in the ancient Maya stones, is not the only gift at the End of 2012 as we believe because the intelligent work did not stop there and continued after the Spanish Conquest with the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees, the astronomers-priests-scribes who left the warning prophecies and codices such as the Dresden Codex.
For almost 500 years, our generation of prophets also worked in silence to create the birth of our last Pakal, the solar child who will complete the 2012 Prophecy in front of a world of believers and non-believers. We think this man called Lord Pakal Ahau is our God of Compassion produced and thought by the Mayans to bring also the true enlightenment, redemption and salvation to our ignored indigenous population.
It is not a coincidence that Lord Pakal Ahau chose as his birth stars and symbols, Pluto and Chiron, a sort of anthropomorphic man-horse symbol that will be at the center of the Dark Rift in the Saggitarius constellation of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012. In other words, Lord Pakal is telling us that his return and his voice will be heard by everyone in the world, whether you want it or not. To the reader, examine the image below and think why Lord Pakal Ahau is considered the true Ahau reincarnation of our First Father of Creation, a solar child created by a powerful Mayan house of visionaries with a prophetic mission, as it was written in the prophecies of Chilam Balam priests and left inscribed by the scribes in the Stone Lid of King Hanab Pakal at the time of his death in 683 CE.
In our independent research, you can examine the future 2012 alignment in the sky and compare the original discovery we did with the prophetic star alignment left in the Stone Lid of King Pakal of Palenque announcing the return of our Lord and King. And of course, you will know in four more years why this Maya Prophecy was created for. Needless to say we love the deep skepticism of what we have read for the last five years, in particular of people who have never been around Mayas. All we can say is the Prophecy is evolving right in time and running every milisecond as Mayas expected.  Peace and blessings to all.
NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: On January, the Australian government has announced it will issue its first formal apology to Aboriginal people when parliament resumes next month. In astronomy, tiny Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. At 1423 miles in diameter, it is smaller than our Moon and has a highly irregular orbit taking between 12 and 32 years to traverse each sign. It completes its lonely journey around the sun in 247 years. It’s large moon Chiron was discovered by Charles Kowell in 1978. It is 728 miles in diameter or roughly half of Pluto’s size. The Pluto-Chiron pair can be considered a double planet although astronomers have re-classified Pluto as a dwarf planet. Pluto-Chiron rules Scorpio, Lord Pakal Ahau’s Ascendant, and the power of regeneration.
2012 Pluto

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