The 13th B’aktun Prophecy of 2012

Maya epigraphy is fun to write because it creates association of Gestalt ideas and facts, some historical, some evolutive and some prophetic, and we are proud of our Mesoamerican language. Therefore, we have designed the prophecy with our ancient glyphs describing the end of the 13th B’aktun Prophecy of 2012 for your research and entertainment. What does it say?

Well, you need to do your homework and learn a little bit of glyphs. It is an interesting decipherment. Otherwise, you will have to wait for 2012 and see what happens. Want more information? For additional reading, you can visit our page 2012 Prophecy Notes on Tortuguero Monument 6.

13 B’aktun Prophecy

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: As an entertainment bonus, here’s the link to an amazing video ‘The End of the World’ by R.E.M. in YouTube that will make you say Wow! Click now.

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