Mayan Leader Announces 2012 Disasters

2012 Disasters announced as End of the Mayan Cycle by Héctor Camero Treviño, November 6, 2007 – El
(Spanish to English translation of the article)

‘The Legend of the Fifth Sun predicts the end of Earth as we know it, and is being manifested in the disasters occurred in late October and early November 2007 in Tabasco’, explained the Maya leader Luis Nah.

Previous to his participation in the Universal Forum for the Cultures, which is aimed with related Mayan elders and collaborators to make a prayer for humanity, peace and natural forces, the wise elder from Quintana Roo declared the universal cycle vision of the Popol Vuh and other ancestral references is emerging as the conclusion of this vital cycle in the series of global catastrophes, among others, in the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Confirming the cited date named by Mayan specialists, December 22, 2012 does not mean the end of the cycle in itself but the zenith of a series of destructive events that are happening and will continue after 2012. Nah explained that this ancient knowledge, managed by the Mayan culture for thousands of years, is not supported by religious beliefs but by logical reason.

The upcoming disasters are expected in a cosmic scale and although in our homes we can prepare ourselves in a small way, what is anticipated cannot be controlled by no one because they are part of past cycles.

The Tlauilos, a wise people from the Mexican altiplane, said we are in the Fifth Sun, but it does not mean that has happened five times only. We only have memory of what has taken place five times in history but we are not aware of previous occurrences.

According to Mayan knowledge and the Sacred Round of Katuns, we are travelling in a sidereal space, in which we will arrive to a populated zone with many asteroids and celestial objects influencing our gravitational field, and considering the effect of the Moon on the oceans, these celestial bodies will move Earth’s magnetic field producing oscillations in many levels at different degrees.

Nah confirmed that Mayan studies have a circular relationship with time while the Western tradition is horizontal, and we need to understand that our seasonal time and other factors fall within the rules of the Universe.

For Mayas, the 2012 prediction is a true fact in our culture, it has been predicted and it is the culmination, whether you want it to happen or not, before and after.

The Mayan leader of the group Hamba K’an, who visited Stonehenge during the month of May, corroborated that the disasters occurred in Tabasco, and soon in Chiapas, Veracruz and other states of Mexico, are part of the rebirth of Earth, something similar to a serpent changing skins, and it is a necessary change for our Mother Earth.

He asked for optimism in Mother Nature and all good people because the wisdom of Earth forces is positive for our destiny as he explains our human species will not go into extinction.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Maya priest, Señor Luis Nah, a 17th Generation descendant of the last Chilam Balam (Mayan Prophet) as the leader of the Hamba’kan group, performed the original traditional ceremony held each year up amongst the old Neolithic circle of Stonehenge. In previous years native people have been invited to perform ceremonies amongst the stones in front of an audience sitting within the monument.

The Pakalian Group of Mexico agrees with Maya leader Luis Nah in his conclusions about 2012. For further reading of a previous post in the blog, you can visit the link, What Part of 2012 You Don’t Understand? to learn more and see the images of the town of Tabasco’s floodings.

Maya Hamba K’an at Stonehenge

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