2012 Aztec Calendar: December 21

Our visual diagram of calculations of the Aztec Calendar known as tonalpohualli, for December 21, 2012, corresponds to 1-Kalli, 1-Ollin and 4-Xochitl. We have removed the designed Tonalpohualli image from this section because it has an enigmatic phrase code waiting to be resolved at the present moment. Once we are able to understand the 2012 relationship, we’ll post it back with further explanations. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Instead, we have added a section of the Aztec Tonalpohualli diagram design on March 2008 in our new central store, which describes Lord Pakal Ahau’s idea using one of the inscribed Aztec icons as our registered 2012 Mayan/Aztec Mascot known as Xochitl The Flower, to celebrate the End of the 13th Maya Bak’tun in 2012 as our national indigenous heritage, language and New Mesoamerican mythology. In a blog article posted at Dailykos.com, the author indicates that it looks like an icon for “Have a Nice Day,” and although we are flattered by the Anglo cultural perception and imagination, in reality our ancient glyph, which is equivalent to the Maya word Ahau, means a blooming flower in the Aztec Nahuatl language.


NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: When we wrote this section, we did not know there was a further 2012 relationship in the Prophecy and we never suspected what Lord Pakal had in mind about the creation of the 2012 logo and the enigmatic phrase code found in the Aztec Calendar.

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One Response to “2012 Aztec Calendar: December 21”

  1. I thought the icon looked like a smiley face too. 😀 It’s a great logo for 2012, though, for sure.

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