New Fire Ceremony 2007 (Toward the 2012 Final Purification)

New Fire Ceremony 2007 (Toward the 2012 Purification)

Tonight, November 19 at midnight, Lord Pakal Ahau continues his spiritual teachings in the New Fire Ceremony for 2007 and toward the 2012 Final Purification. The ceremony will be celebrated in Mexico and internationally, after five centuries of absence when the tradition ended with the Spanish Conquest of Mexico in 1519-1521.

The New Fire (in Nahuatl xiuhmolpilli – the Binding of the Years) was the most important ceremony carried by the ancient people of Anahuac (Old Mexica), and it was used to synchronize the calendar with the movements of the stars. It was the axis of our religious and spiritual lifestyle. of the Mexicas, Mayas and other Mesoamerican people, when the Pleiades are in alignment every year. The phenomenon occurs at midnight of November 19 and the festivities continue for five days between November 16-20. It is considered a marker of the duration of the Galactic Year in the cycle of precession of equinoxes that lasts roughly 26,000 years. Symbolically, it is the alignment of human beings with the Cosmos, and dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional purification. During the ceremony, cities were abandoned and rebuilt again.

As taught by the priests of the Calmecac House of Mexico, also known as the Sacred House of Quetzalcoatl, Lord Pakal explains the symbolism and procedures:

1. The fire must be ignited safely over a mountain, pyramid or artificial elevation.

2. The fire shall be ignited at the precise moment when the Pleiades constellation reaches the center of the sky, in local time. If it is cloudy, please consult the astronomical information with the near observatory.

3. If possible, a designated woman, representing Mother Earth, shall ignite the fire.

4. It is recommended to consume fruits, milk or cereals (no meat or stimulants).

The objective of the ceremony is to enter in a purification state to the New Pleiadian Year.


New Fire Ceremony - Codex Borbonicus

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