Design of 2012 Planner Skin for Lord Pakal’s PDA

Personal digital assistants are popular devices very much in vogue to originate, store and process data on its own. These great toys can also download digital data from computers and laptops as well as from the Internet through several applications. An important app should include a calendar, messages, tasks and appointments to organize your modern life.

Some of these utilities accept skin customization and, of course, we have designed a 2012 Mayan skin theme with authentic high resolution glyphs for Lord Pakal Ahau’s PDA with lots of 12’s and 20’s, and a background picture of young King Pakal crowned with roses as our Lord Pakal Ahau will be probably in a very near future. In addition, to make it really memorable, we presented it to him few minutes after 11/11 to remind him of Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT. Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised with our 2007 Winter Solstice gift at this time. We hope this permanent gift would encourage him to get new ideas and write his digital diary beyond 2012 and our coming Mayan Prophecy. (In reality, we want to know more about Lord Pakal’s vision of what the world will become in 2012 and the important prophetic changes, but he maintains silence and will not elaborate further until 2009 as he said. The only fact we know is that there is a Fatidic Glyph 2012 in the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque awaiting for us!).

Anyway, Lord Pakal’s comments were interesting. He said with a smile, “wonder what our Mayan ancestors would think today if they see our ancient glyphs language and art inscribed in a digital device.” We guess he’s right because we’re building a new Mesoamerican mythology for our future.

2012 Palm Skin for Mayan Prophecy

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