The Holy Reincarnation of the Living Pakal

The Holy Reincarnation of the Living Pakal
The Succession and Accession Lineage of the Sacred Solar House of King Pakal of Palenque in Modern Times

In this article, we present a traditional explanation of the reincarnation of the last living Pakal namely Lord Pakal Ahau born in August 22, 1952.

Lord Pakal Ahau is our spiritual leader and head director of the Pakalian Group of Mexico, also known before as the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees. The group changed its name in 1999 to keep with modern spiritual evolution but many rules and rituals have not changed for many centuries since King Hanab Pakal of Palenque was born in the year 603 CE.

Our institution emerged during the last decades of the Balam priests in the XV Century and has continued under a low profile in the same area where the Maya occupied Yucatan in Mexico. The most famous representative is the last and greatest prophet Chilam Balam of Chumayel. His most popular prediction was the coming of strangers from the east who would establish a new religion. The prompt fulfilment of this prediction enhanced his reputation as a seer that in later times he was considered the authority for many other prophecies which had been uttered long before his time. Inasmuch as prophecies were the most prominent feature of many of the older books of this sort, it was natural to name the prophetic documents after the famous soothsayer.

And from the same documents, there is another set of established Mayan beliefs such as the reincarnation of the last living Pakal, also prophecized in the Books of Chilam Balam. According to our tradition, the current Ahau is considered the correct reincarnation of a past Pakal or Solar Shield who decided to be reborn again and continue his important work, instead of moving on from the wheel of life. A person who decides to be continually reborn is known in Mayan Lacandon language as toop’-i’ (“to be born again”). During the times when Chilam Balam was living, the Spanish clergy condemned the Books of Chilam Balam, with crime of idolatry as was anything written in hieroglyphics. Currently, the strong roots of Catholicism in Mexico and elsewhere still prohibit the idea of reincarnation as opposed to Eastern cultures such as India, Tibet and Japan. Moreover, some Western Maya scholars consider old transcriptions in a rigid semantic way ignoring cultural beliefs and usually transliteration of Mayan hieroglyphs substitutes parallel passages and explains the significance of obscure texts in a non-offensive way so the reader could understand them according to stereotyped Western Victorian values. There are many examples in this research category such as the omission in academic books and reputable journals about sexuality and sexual glyphs of Quetzalcoatl texts. Similar cases appear in the long-suppressed facts of Catholic dogma. One research study that comes to mind is the work of scholar Leo Steinberg, The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion.

In Mayan terms, the enthronement of King Pakal at 12 years old was believed to be a reincarnation of his ancestors and originally from the First Father of Creation. In prophecy, Chilam told in his books that at the end of the Thirteenth Baktun era, ‘the last Pakal will appear to his little ones.’ This concept is known as the 2012 Mayan Prophecy, in which by our Maize God’s design, a solar child is born at the right time to fulfill the mission of the Prophecy. Thus, the responsibility of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees was to create the right reincarnation of Pakal. In contrast with the Gelupga tradition of the Tibetan Buddhism, the government finds the reincarnation of the spiritual leader in potential candidates. In Mayan tribal tradition, the reincarnation can be produced in two ways, by palingenesis or by lineage. The latter method is the most preferable and was the chosen process by the priests of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam searching for the future mother of the last Pakal. The process accepts that the maternal blood contribution, in this case Lacandon, is only necessary to engender the reincarnation, while the paternal heritage can be local or foreign. A very similar process happened when King Pakal was considered the right successor of the throne in Palenque.

In addition, there are several additional ways that confirm that the new reincarnation was found.

1) An important date related to the House of Pakals. This fact was corroborated fortunately because Dr. Ruz L’huillier discovered the 8 Ahau in 1952 and moved the Reincarnation Stone Lid on August 22, 1952 when Lord Pakal Ahau was born making him the reincarnation on 1 Ik 5 Yaxk’in according to Lounsbury GMT correlation (The augury of Chilam Balam could not be more accurate as Ik and Yaxk’in mean reincarnation and solar god respectively). Coincidentally, the archaeological work was suspended until November 1952 because of an earthquake on that day and a huge flooding of King Pakal’s funerary chamber, indicating the rupture of the placenta and spill of amniotic fluid in Lord Pakal Ahau’s mother during the delivery, when the Sun was at its zenith (highest point) (Rivas, 1952).

2) A paranormal phenomena from the solar child or from the Mayan shaman-priests. In this case, the child was able to describe a Mayan apparition at 6 years old and was able to recognize Mayan elements such as the wearing of elaborate penachos or feathered headresses, characteristic of Mayan nobility, the King’s scepter called K’awiil held by the apparition on his right hand, and certain phonetic sounds (e.g., ahaw) and musical sounds (maracas) as the apparition embraced the child. At that point, Pakal was admitted to The Calmécac House in Mexico City, the school for Mayan noble children also known as the Sacred House of Quetzalcoatl, after a non-published 5-yr study by Russian scientists and doctors at the National Institute of Leningrad about paranormal babies and reincarnation, to continue his strict sacerdotal education.

3) A vision from the main shaman-priest. The most important Lacandon priest in 1952, the Ahau-can, who received the good news and directions through an enteogenic divination ritual with other shamans alerting that the solar child was born.

Consequently, during his royal initiation, Lord Pakal Ahau received two old inscriptions from the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam when he was 12 years old to continue the work of the Sacred House of Pakal. Traditionally, these inscriptions are to be given to the next living Pakal as the spiritual leader to prove his continuity. They are preserved iconic inscriptions with the images of K’inich Kan Balam (whose name is translated as Serpent Jaguar Oriented to the Sun), legitimate son of King Hanab Pakal and the other image inscription is King Pakal’s wife, Tzakbu Ajaw or Lady Ahpo-Hel, Queen of Palenque, holding in her extended hands a shield/flint god resting over a shallow bowl with everted rim. The last inscription indicates the offering of the maternal succession passed by females through the Ik reincarnation. The correct name of Lord Pakal Ahau is K’inich Pakal Ahau of Palenque.


Palenque Reincarnation Triad System

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: The above image is one of the images prepared for our video, 2012 Mayan Enigma. The video contains the shamanic truth of Lord Pakal Ahau as he revealed the future of the land to the Timbisha Shoshone reservation, a branch of the Uto-Aztecan family, through a sacred enteogenic ritual in Death Valley, California, in the year 2000. Lord Pakal chose this disregarded group of indigenous family as his North-American disciples in USA. The video, unfortunately, can only be accessed in private at this moment because external video portals on the Net and outside YouTube’s control are allowing the video to be displayed through profitable subscriptions. We apologize for the inconvenience. Lord Pakal has instructed us to make it accessible again at the end of 2012. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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5 Responses to “The Holy Reincarnation of the Living Pakal”

  1. Muy interesante su interpretación y la forma que trata de “ligar” (asociar), relacionar diferentes cultos o creencias. Hay un detalle que resalta otros
    menos importantes que se podrían poner en el cajón “de ya veremos”…

    El que resalta es que PaKal no se reincarnó, por lo menos No aquí en el Planeta Tierra, así que toda la geneología que usted presenta es cuestionable.

    Con todo respeto. La h

  2. Salutations~
    I was born in 1948 in San Mateo California. My father was of Celtic and Cherokee origin, my mother English, French, German. From a very early age I was drawn to other cultures. In my teen and early adult years, though I was born white, all my friends were Hispanic and Native American. I felt comfortable among them and did not identify with what kids of my ethnic group were doing. I began meditating seriously at the age of 18. I have always wanted to understand the mysteries of my karmic tendencies. i have been meditating and seeking truth for all these years, studying under many various masters and teachers, having amazing experiences and reaching a level of success spiritually that I did not expect to reach. i always felt that there was more, that there was someone I still had to meet before I am gone once again.
    Now I am an older man, a grandfather and spiritual teacher. Something amazing fell into perfect order in my heart when I first saw the animated pictures of Lord Pakal Ahau and read about his life.
    I am still seeking the full meaning of this but I feel closer now thanks to Lord Pakal.
    In my meditation I am getting a sense that I came to this life to assist Lord Pakal Ahau. I leave it to him to help me to determine what form this help will take. I feel that I and many others came to embodiment for this purpose. I have been telling my students and close family members about Lord Pakal Ahau – and so it begins~
    Peace and Joy to you all,

    • Dear Musfaad,
      We always appreciate spiritual help. We do not ask for money as Lord Pakal Ahau has instructed to us. You can help by disseminating the teachings of Lord Pakal Ahau. There are many great articles in the blog and in his trilogy website that Pakal has written himself. You can help others to find the spirit of Lord Pakal as well. It is a great thing full of miracles as we understand from comments we receive on a monthly basis and we have seen that beautiful humble power many times.
      Pakalian Group of Mexico

  3. I was doing some regression to my past lives during the last two years. There is an alien man descending the temple with the long head who is walking in very different clothes with mayan blue-eyed and exceptionally gifted child. The child was living with his parents near Palenque but once he was seen by Pakal and chosen to live with him at the court. Pakal and he, were understanding so much . He remembered that Pakal wanted to see the land of his ancestors in another solar system (perhaps Pleyadese). Pakal and he saw the Spanish conquest. The son became so sad, seeing the bloody result of those fight but Pakal told him, that it is a God`s purpose to join the two civilizations. Pakal told him so many other things and there was a great connection between both of them, that even death cannot separate. There still appear those images and feelings. Something very different is coming to our planet, which will help to restore the balance and peace.

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