What Part of 2012 You Don’t Understand?: Tabasco and Chiapas

What part of 2012 catastrophes you don’t understand yet? And this is your 2012 initial test with loud sound alarms. Our spiritual Maya leader, Lord Pakal Ahau is asking for your comprehension and help because in five years, give or take, the rich and the poor will be rubbing elbows in the same cave in Xibalba! And that are big words coming from our Lord Pakal. If the world does not get the awareness and act as a global community, everything will be lost for you and your family. 2012 is not a joke, it is a sign of global collapse and for worse things to come unfortunately in the environment we live. If you don’t feel this environmental tragedy we think you don’t understand the pattern that connects all of us. You have been a happy tourist of our Mayan ruins, now it is time to become a brother or sister of our Mayan native population in times of grief and pain. 900,000 people are waiting for your generous help. Thanks.

You can make your contribution directly to the Red Cross of Mexico, their banking account is:

Cruz Roja Mexicana I.A.P.
Bancomer No. 0147592957
Oficina 0032 DF Palmas

Your contribution is tax-deductible.

For verification, go to the website of the Red Cross of Mexico.


or to the new Red Cross Banking Account at:

Cruz Roja Mexicana

BBVA Bancomer

Acct. No. 0401010115

Account verification at Tabasco State Government Website



Tabasco-Chiapas Slide Show Near 2012

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