The Great White Owl and Lord Pakal Ahau

On December 31, 2004, on the eve of New Year, our Lord Pakal Ahau invited us to meditate for peace in 2012 in a beautiful home garden of one of our friends . In a near church, we heard the bells announcing the New Year 2005, when a 8-lb male adult Great White Owl, also called Snowy Owl, came and landed on the tree where Lord Pakal was meditating. Immediately, in the middle of our astonishment and confusion, we knew that this strange natural encounter was a paranormal event in the life of Lord Pakal Ahau. As Lord Pakal remained silent and immersed in contemplating meditation, we saw this amazing owl spreading his beautiful long white wings over the head of Lord Pakal without making noise, like protecting our Lord. Then, the bird stood quiet for at least one hour on the tree, making company to Lord Pakal while cleaning his feathers and spreading his wings from time to time, later the bird flew away once he completed his meditation.

We were very anxious of making comments to Pakal about our magic vision because we knew that this bird was not a native species in the Southern California area. Their habitat is usually found in the Arctic tundra.

Lord Pakal told us, ” Do not be afraid of your visions. It shows you the Tecolotl way, the power of the un-seen, the Golden Path of your memories in 2012 as Mayans wanted. Do you wrestle with your dreams? Learn to be silent, for I am like the owl of the desert.”

Although we couldn’t understand the metaphors, we knew Lord Pakal was creating our own path in 2012.

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