The Last Great Mayan Cycle For Dummies in 2012

To continue with our Maya diaries, we explain in this brief article Lord Pakal Ahau’s knowledge of the last Great Mayan Cycle. This knowledge was transmitted through the education that Lord Pakal received since 1958 from the wise priests of the Ancient Order of Chilam Balam and its Nine Degrees, in particular from the Ahau-Can Director of the Calmécac House, the school for noble children of the Templo Mayor in Mexico. The Calmécac House is also known as the Sacred House of Quetzalcoatl because it establishes the relation between Man and our Great Divinity Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulcan). Lord Pakal began his strict sacerdotal education at five years old and learned all the requirements in mathematics, astronomy and rituals until he completed his 12th birthday. At that point he was initiated in the Great Ritual of Manhood and registered as Member of the Jaguar Warriors. He chose the title of Solar Jaguar Warrior to fulfill his birth rights for the 2012 Mayan Prophecy explained in other articles.

According to Lord Pakal, the Great Mayan Cycle is easy to understand if you know mathematics. The measure of the Maya Era is of 9,360,000 days. It is also called the Long Count (LC) by Maya scholars. It measures a complete precession of the planet. This Era is divided in five ages or great cycles. Each age or cycle consists of 1,872,000 days. Currently, we are in the Fifth Age or Fifth Solar Cycle (Fifth Sun). The vigesimal part of one cycle is called the Short Count (SC) by Maya scholars and contains 93,600 days. The Short Count is divided in 5 sections. Each one includes 18,720 days. All these cycles are multiple of 360. This is the number that represents the total number of days of the civilian calendar. Each year is divided in 18 months of 20 days each month or in 72 weeks of 5 days each week. Each day is divided in 4 parts or main hours.

An example of the 13 Baktuns of the last Great Mayan Cycle (the Fifth Age) is as follows:

Baktún 00-01 Aug 13 (-3113) – Nov 15 (-2719)
Baktún 01-02 Nov 15 (-2719) – Feb 17 (-2324)
Baktún 02-03 Feb 17 (-2324) – May 22 (-1930)
Baktún 03-04 May 22 (-1930) – Aug 24 (-1536)
Baktún 04-05 Aug 24 (-1536) – Nov 27 (-1142)
Baktún 05-06 Nov 27 (-1142) – Mar 01 ( -747)
Baktún 06-07 Mar 01 (- 747) – Jun 04 ( -353)
Baktún 07-08 Jun 04 ( -353) – Sep 06 41 CE
Baktún 08-09 Sep 06 41 CE – Dec 10 435 CE
Baktún 09-10 Dec 10 435 CE – Mar 14 830 CE
Baktún 10-11 Mar 14 830 CE – Jun 16 1224 CE
Baktún 11-12 Jun 16 1224 CE – Sep 19 1618 CE
Baktún 12-13 Sep 19 1618 CE – Dec 22 2012 CE

Setting the GMT correlation constant at 584285, you can see 13 Baktuns are equal to 1,872,000 days and correspond to one cycle. Notice we prefer to make the notation in negative years. To get the corresponding BC Gregorian year add (-1). Thus, Aug. 13 (-3113) is equivalent to Aug. 13, 3114 BC (In Mayan creation this year is 4 Ahau 8 Cumku). For a discussion of the controversy of European Christian dates and the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson (GMT) correlation please follow this link and for more discussion about modern notation of user preferences, type in Google – Wikipedia user preferences for BCE/CE notation -. We will not comment on this issue.

In the next five years, Lord Pakal Ahau will release a full set of mathematical articles about his Mayan education not published elsewhere and we thank him for his generous contribution to our Mayan future. Is there a new Mayan Era, after 2012? We think so but only Lord Pakal Ahau and few Mayan elders know the right answer. Stay in, tune in, learn more.

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One Response to “The Last Great Mayan Cycle For Dummies in 2012”

  1. I was wondering if the 360 days refers to a full calendar year of 365 days but excluding the uayab. This would make the lesser cycle of 260 x 360 days equivalent to 365 years. Historically, there is a bit of a precedent:

    1492 to 1752 is 260 years (1752 is the year the british empire adopted the Gregorian Calendar)
    1752 to 2012 is 260 years

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