2012 Reflections: The Mayan Ant Farm

Although not documented in Mayan hieroglyphs or codices because most written cultural traditions were destroyed and burned by the Spanish Conquest, Lord Pakal Ahau explains one of his oral stories told by his mother in relation to 2012, the End of the Great Mayan Cycle.

He explains, ” our ancient astronomers and priests used simplicity and ingenuity to make mathematical predictions based on objective observations. One of them was the real observations of the life of insects. It was a component of a primitive scientific discipline that allowed them social reorganization and decision analysis in their accurate Mayan prophecies. Our sacred priests observed insect behavior, in particular, ant societies in conjunction with the stars of the sky to influence fertility, crops and wars and know propitious moments in the evolution of cities. Today, in modern society we may call this discipline Neurofitness, a systematic method to preserve life, stay young and smart and develop neuronal evolution of cultures and diversity. Unfortunately, we have replaced this natural and independent technology with another dependent for-profit technology that is controlled by high level class-interest informers and their repeaters. You should know the trap. This group takes advantage of the lack of critical thinking in most populations of the world and schools do not teach our children about real survival. Most adults and young people do not know their path and directions in 20 years from now “

Although Lord Pakal will not elaborate in predictions for 2012, he recommends to learn more about insects. After all, they are the real survivors of Earth after many DNA mutations and natural catastrophes. Watch how they reorganize and reestructure themselves with their powerful communicative team intuition around 2012 at the End of the 13th Baktun. It is our gift to you from Lord Pakal’s wisdom.

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