The Nature of Crop Circles and Virus Structures

We have followed for quite some time the history and evolution of crop circles. We know that some can be classified as man-made events and other processes are more difficult to explain. The last category is the one of most concern because they can resemble virus structures. If these strange connectors, as some people are calling them, are made by external entities or exoforces outside Earth, we could speculate that these structures are being implanted as some form of hostile virus or non-benign virus that we are ignoring currently.

We know also that Earth or Gaia is an organic living planet that supports life and optimal lifeforce. Are these structures harmful to the natural functions of our planet? Do these structures have a latent activation? We don’t know yet. It seems that a thorough investigation to find the sources is due before it is too late and prevent something that could originate a global chaos in mankind.

Crop Circles Resemble Virus Structures


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