Bravo to INAH Tourist and Ruins Restrictions

We congratulate the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia for the recent changes toward the preservation of ecological areas and archaeological monuments in Mexico. A typical example is the prohibition of access to King Pakal’s funerary chamber in Palenque. This important change represents a mature understanding of our Mexican officers that our national patrimony should not be desecrated or destroyed by foreign visitors who cannot comprehend and live by the rules of modern society. If Americans or other developing country would be acting as administrators of these Mayan ruins in their own country, we are sure that there would be more strict regulations based on government laws and civil punishment with jail and fines.

Lord Pakal Ahau reiterates his commitment and endorsement to INAH. He says, ” the Mayan ruins are not built like Disneyland Park for entertainment. They are fragile and environmentally sensitive to human activities. We cannot replace these ancient stones with plastic materials and put another artificial Disneyland Dumbo elephant every year in their place.”

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